Our Philosophy
Wine Glass

My goal is to make a Cabernet Sauvignon wine of exceptional quality that is harmonious and balanced - a wine that will “wow” you with the purity of its fruit but also capture your imagination and intellect with its depth and complexity.

I am a big believer in cooler climate Cabernet Sauvignon from the newly-minted Coombsville area of Napa Valley. I feel the longer, cooler growing season results in a unique flavor profile and structure for the cabernet sauvignon grape. I selected four sites in the southern end of Napa (three from Coombsville and one from the Oak Knoll District, a northern neighbor of Coombsville), closer to the San Pablo Bay (which acts as a moderating force for temperatures), as sources for our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These four sources will be used in vintages going forward also.

Each of the sites presents a different character which brings its own “voice” to the final blend of Congruence Cabernet Sauvignon. When making our wine, each site is treated differently according to its character. We seek to nurture and develop those unique characteristics. We also remain flexible in our approach from vintage to vintage. One site might see new oak in one vintage and be placed in one-year old barrels in the next vintage. Another site may never spend time in new oak barrels.

In the end, blending of the sites is a key part of the winemaking. Blending is a somewhat mysterious process to me. Small differences in the composition of the blend can make big differences in the final wine. Your expectations are often confounded and you are constantly surprised. In the end, we are confident we were successful in finding a blend of vineyards that is very harmonious, but which allows the voice of each vineyard to be heard.